Livré en 24 – 48 heures. if( object.length == undefined ) object = [object]; Thompson & Morgan strives to ensure that all its plants are delivered to you in the perfect condition for planting. Son feuillage est gris argenté et fait ressortir le tracé des nervures, plus foncé. Schizophragma hydrangeoides, while called the Japanese Hydrangea-vine, is not actually a hydrangea.It is, however, in the Hydrangea family. Verlangt een goed doorlaatbare grond en een beschutte standplaats. Where an order includes both packets of seeds and other products, a maximum delivery charge of £6.99 will apply - regardless of the number of items ordered. They are vigorous, hardy deciduous lianas growing to 12 m (39 ft), cultivated for their showy flower heads borne in mid- to late summer, resembling those of the related lacecap hydrangeas. This climbing shrub will need tying in to the supporting wall during the first few years but thereafter it will attach itself using self-clinging aerial roots. Height: 10m (32'). }; De bloeiperiode is juni - juli. The genus name is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘dividing wall’, in reference to the splitting nature of the fruit. Seeds and garden supplies will normally be delivered within the time period stated against each product as detailed above. "+object) : document.getElementsByClassName(object); Genus Schizophragma are deciduous shrubs, climbing by aerial roots, with broadly ovate leaves and showy flower-heads resembling lacecap hydrangeas, with large, ovate, bract-like outer florets Details S. integrifolium is a vigorous, large deciduous shrub climbing by aerial roots, with slender-pointed, ovate, entire leaves to 17cm in length. ... Schizophragma hydrangeoïdes 'Windmills' Schizophragma hydrangeoïdes 'Windmills' En stock À partir de 44,90 ... Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Moonlight' Schizophragma hydrangeoïdes 'Moonlight' It has lush green foliage and attractive white flowers in July. *Your 20% discount only applies to plants, bulbs and seeds.© 2020 Thompson & Morgan. Cette grimpante, que l'on confond souvent avec l'Hydrangea petiolaris, étonne souvent. Please view the suggested plants below for substitutes. Botanical genus: Schizophragma, fauriei ‘Windmills' ® C3L 40/60 a une croissance lente les 4 premières années comme les autres hortensias grimpants. Regelmäßig gießen und die Erde zwischenzeitlich abtrocknen lassen. WINDMILLS SCHIZOPHRAGMA HYDRANGEOIDES ortensia rampicante Plants, bulbs, corms, tubers, shrubs, trees, potatoes, etc. Buy from £24.99 at the RHS Plants Shop. Schizophragma fauriei 'Windmills' - avec photos et info sur la meilleure façon de bouturer, semer, récolter. Type : Arbuste. Période de floraison : Juillet. Plant Type: Deciduous Shrub/Climber Plant Height & Spread: 300cm Foliage Colour: Green Foliage Type: Deciduous Seasons of Interest: Summer Soil Condition: Well-drained, Fertile Planting Position: Full Sun/Partial Shade, Sheltered Tout sol frais non calcaire, idéal contre un mur au Nord. Vine, Attracts pollinators, Clay soil, Heat tolerant, Filters: SCHIZOPHRAGMA integrifolia var.fauriei WINDMILLS®'Plooster' Sélection très vigoureuse et rustique à floraison spectaculaire. The ovate, toothed, rich green leaves cover the woody stems, creating a fabulous backdrop for the elegant blooms. They lend a delicate, graceful appearance to this specimen plant. Sadly, the time it takes to deliver to certain locations in the UK means that we can't guarantee this, so regretfully we are unable to ship live plants to the following areas: HS, IV41-IV49, IV51, IV55-56, KW15-KW17, PA34, PA41-48, PA60-PA78, PA80, PH40-PH44, TR21-TR24, ZE1-ZE3, For the chance to be featured, share your plant pictures with uson Instagram by using the hashtag #YourTMGarden. Schizophragma integrifolium 'Windmills' is a hardy, deciduous, climbing shrub, for a sunny or part shaded position. { Le Schizophragma hydrangeoides Windmills est proche de l'Hortensia grimpant, c’est une liane offrant de grandes inflorescences plates, blanches, légères comme un souffle. The flowers are very distinctive, with spatullate sepals held on exceptionally long petioles. Elle fait partie de la famille des Hydrangéacées, tout comme l'hortensia, et fleurit en été. If you selected "Other" above, please enter your business type here. Although slow growing initially, once established it will produce vigorous growth, scaling large walls with ease. A division of BVG Group Ltd. Schizophragma integrifolium 'Windmills' is a hardy, deciduous, climbing shrub, for a sunny or part shaded position. Le mot de notre expert. Schizophragma hydrangeoides wächst kletternd, strauchartig und erreicht gewöhnlich eine Höhe von 2 - 6 m und wird bis zu 2 - 4 m breit. £65.98 For more information on how we send your plants please visit our Helpful Guide on plant sizes. Ne convient pas pour la culture en pot ou bac comme les autres hortensias grimpants. Achat de Schizophragma-Schizophragma sur Jardin du pic Vert : Jardinerie spécialiste de la vente en ligne de végétaux. Schizophragma hydrangeoides ‘Moonlight’ est une nouveauté américaine. Schizophragma integrifolium 'Windmills' is a hardy, deciduous, climbing shrub, preferring fertile, humus rich, neutral to acid, well-drained, but moist soil, for either a sunny or part shaded site. Delivery times will be stated on the product page above, or in your order acknowledgement page and email. Feed and water Schizophragma regularly until fully established. Aanbevolen aantal per vierkante meter : 1. if( object == undefined ) object = "g-recaptcha"; C'est une des rares plantes grimpantes à aimer l'ombre, on peut donc mettre en valeur des espaces inexploités grâce à lui. Schizophragma integrifolium 'Windmills' is a hardy, deciduous, climbing shrub, for a sunny or part shaded position. Schizophragma Hydrangeoides Windmill is a lovely variety of this root climber plant. Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Windmills' rampicante vigorosa per zone ombrose; infiorescenze grandi appiattite con petali allungati Save £7.99, Plant Size Height Up to 1000cm (393in)Spread Up to 600cm (236in), Ideal For walls and fencescottage gardensspecimen plant. Le schizophragma, une liane méconnue. £57.99 Sie erscheinen von Juni bis Juli. Key Features. Schizophragma fauriei 'Windmills' is een krachtige zelfhechtende klimheester met breed eivormige donkergroene bladeren. Patience is required, but is rewarded with a long-lived, heavily blooming specimen. Le plus produit : Inflorescences spectaculaires ! White flowers, Producten Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Windmills' cont. Windmills™ false hydrangea-vine is an unusual flowering vine especially suited for southern gardens. Présentation : Le schizophragma Windmills est une variété introduite récemment dans notre pépinière. Features: Taille adulte (H): 10m. An ideal cover to a fence, wall, shed, tall tree when planted at least 60cm ( 2’) away from its support. A sweet apple scent is released by broad, flattened heads of numerous florets, surrounded by heart-shaped petals, contrasting well with unusual ovate foliage which turns yellow- range in autumn. Spread: 6m (19'). Vooral geschikt tegen muren waar hij zich met luchtwortels kan vasthechten. Schizophragma Windmills is also known as the 'Japanese Hydrangea Vine'. Windmills™ false hydrangea-vine is an unusual flowering vine especially suited for southern gardens. After flowering, cut back stems to 2-4 buds from the previous years growth. statt € 19,95 Kletterhortensie, Weisse Spalthortensie Schizophragma integrifolium 'Windmills', Weisse Spalthortensie lieferbar Kräftige Pflanze im 3 lt.-Topf, 40-60 cm € 19,15 Standort Retail program: Local Roots®, Nous l'avons sélectionné pour ses fleurs très particulières avec les inflorescences fertiles du pourtour très éloigné du centre de la fleur. SCHIZOPHRAGMA HYDRANGEOIDES 'WINDMILLS' Les schizophragmas sont des cousins des hortensias grimpants. All rights reserved. Grow Schizophragma hydrangeoides ia any fertile, well drained soil in a sunny or partially shaded position. Schizophragma integrifolium 'Windmills' Schizophragma hydrangeoides "windmills" un PORT MAJESTUEUX, une floraison ABONDANTE, s'accroche jusqu'à 4 m sur un mur. Orders which include any other products will incur a delivery charge of £4.99. are delivered at the appropriate time for planting or potting on. Common name: False Hydrangea Vine, Celles-ci sont également entourées de grands sépales blancs. The blooms are larger than its better known cousin Schizophragma hydrangeoides. R. … Le Schizophragma integrifolium var. Le genre schizophragma est un genre de plante grimpante assez peu connue, assez proche de l'hortensia grimpant et originaire d'Asie. The flowers are very distinctive, with spatullate sepals held on exceptionally long petioles. Growing Tips Slow to get established, and will not bloom until it is growing vigorously on its intended support structure. Pruning Blooms on old wood but rarely needs pruning. Originaire du Japon et de Corée, elle peut atteindre à l'âge adulte 6 à 10 m de hauteur pour 3 à 4 m d'étalement. Buy from £24.99 at the RHS Plants Shop. Thereafter it will produce self clinging aerial roots which will cling to the wall without much further assistance. Schizophragma hydrangeoides est le plus courant. Schizophragma hydrangeoides ‘Roseum’ présente des bractées teintées de rose. Please enter a quantity to add this plant to your order. Originaire de Corée et du Japon, Schizophragma hydrangeoides est une liane ligneuse et radicante se développant à l'état naturel dans les sous-bois. Ses feuilles caduques mesurent une quinzaine de centimètres de longueur. Schizophragma hydrangeoides. 7L hoog 80-100 cm +f; Pricelist Int. 2 x 3 litre potted schizophragma plants (TKA3517), Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Vegetable Seeds. for( var i = 0; i
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