Take in some history by visiting the Pittock Mansion or the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, or take one of the many tours offered at the Portland Underground for a unique experience. its ok to have problems. I brought my guitar because I was traveling for a gig and I ended up losing money overall because of the baggage fee. The cheapest flight to Portland from Hong Kong found on KAYAK in the last 72 hours was $667 round-trip. Couldn't believe you had to buy your drinks. I was reimbursed my flight and was given a check and a $15 voucher for dinner which didn't cover my dinner. As COVID-19 disrupts travel, a few airlines are offering WAIVING CHANGE FEE for new bookings. Pleasant flight, nothing fancy. Book the lowest fares on Portland, ME flights today! ", Cons: "The online price was competitive, but it was bait and switch, because I had to pay an additional $90 for a single overhead bag, round trip. Book Cheap Nonstop & Direct Flights to Portland: Search and compare airfares on Tripadvisor to find the best nonstop and direct flights for your trip to Portland. Fly from Ohio on Spirit Airlines, Frontier, American Airlines and more. Cons: "The chairs weren't the most comfortable, luckily it wasn't a long flight. ", Pros: "Crew friendly. "Fast check" line for bag I had prepaid for was ridiculously long. ", Pros: "on-board entertainment option of hand-held device for movies and tv, though I didn't use that." Causing me to sit in the airport of the connecting for flight for 4 hours. Get discount airfare from flights to airports in Oregon. Cons: "Apparent aggressiveness to get as many carry on bags paid for by the ground staff measuring with a measuring tape all bags. Looking for cheap flights to Portland? Free WiFi for onboard movies on personal devices is convenient but without even basic explanation of the service is awkward and not likely to be used." ", Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "There were no gluten free snacks. At the end of the day I could have paid for a badass flight on ANOTHER CARRIER. Cons: "The fact that the flight never took place. Cons: "Food and drinks for purchase only, no hot meals or sandwiches in menu, little leg room, charge for carry on if bag doesn't fit under seat. ", Pros: "Safe Landed at my destination with no layovers Personal item allowance was larger than expected" Frontier not willing to hold connecting Frontier flight. If you booked a cheap flight to Portland, you might want to do some shopping. Your flight to Portland will arrive at the Portland International Airport, a huge facility with all of the shopping and dining you could want. Cons: "Delayed flight...aaargh", Pros: "Crew was nice" Cons: "Seats are tiny, but that's about it. No issues to report." started out a little strange. Great comfort." Flights to Portland didn’t bring settlers to this West Coast city, but Portland remains as a destination spot in U.S. history and welcomes millions of travelers on Portland flights each year. ", Pros: "Nothing" ", Cons: "I had two carry on cases at LAX, a briefcase for my computer and a Samsonite small case that would have fitted in an overhead compartment. The airport code is PDX. What does the initial pass pay for if you have to buy your seat, bags and pay for your boarding pass to be printed. A couple of notable spots include Escape and The Whisky Bar. :)", Pros: "Things were on schedule for the flight so got to my destination on time. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. Will not use again. Cons: "It's like the title: Spirit Air is like if ransomware started an airline. Never again. It is more honest to know that charge up front then to bait you will low fares only to be charge for other expect", Pros: "the flight was cancelled after being delayed for 4 hours. Offered drinks twice on a two hour flight." I don't expect food on domestic flights anymore. Crude was friendly and accommodating of snack requests. Cons: "Inability to connect to wifi after purchasing gogo inflight internet. Add to that the charged for a carry-on and the cost of this flight increased by $41 each way! Never flying this airline again. Charge for you to print boarding pass at airport. i had to cancel my whole flight and book last-minute flight with United and left in an hour. We even asked the ticketing personnel to announce where people could retrieve their luggage...their response was "I guess we could do that"...but they never did! ", Pros: "The crew was pleasent and brought me an OJ when I requested even though they had finished serving." ", Pros: "Cheap, nice crew." I had already flown 15 hours and had a 7 hour layover at the airport, so an extra 2 hour layover was painful. On my return trip I did not ask any questions, I paid $52.00 repeated the same experience. ", Pros: "Passengers with carry ons can board first BUT they have to pay $35 for the bag privilege AND flight attendants cannot help you lift your bag into the overhead bin!" Aisle width also narrow. Both of my flights were delayed without any prior warning, so I was sat in the airport for hours waiting for them to extent the delay (which they did several times on my way to my destination). Charge for any seat you wish to chose regardless where it is. Cons: "No legroom, no entertainment, no charging ports, crew is not pleasant, har to pay extra fees for everything, including checking in for a seat, charged $2 for a cup of water, charges $20 for a CARRY ON.. Not flying with frontier again. There was no leg room and we were all cramped. Cons: "See above. Cons: "It was hot in the airplane. ", Pros: "Baggage charge was not as depicted as it was on your Website. Are there last-minute flights available from Portland to Florida for under $200? Cons: "Seats are uncomfortable and small. Fly from Washington from $49, from Newark from $68 or from Orlando from $69. Portland is a very bike-friendly city and this is also evident at Portland International Airport. There is also secure bike parking available, so you need not worry about the safety of your bike while traveling. Search for Portland flights on KAYAK now to find the best deal. ", Pros: "The flight was relatively short, and once we boarded we moved out pretty quickly. Cons: "Seats were dirty, but it was an older plane", Cons: "The in cabin temperature was a bit cold. ", Pros: "The people, the flight, and the equipment were all wonderful. ", Pros: "Really liked the new app to watch movies and more on your own personal device. no wi-fi. All the crew were very courteous and helpful." Cons: "Lady at gate said they were about to close the doors when I asked her how much longer I had to board. When I tried to call Frontier, all their lines were busy and I kept getting disconnected due to the high volume...wasn't even put on hold. Will not be flying Frontier again. Cons: "Staff was unpleasant. The films shown at the theater typically run between 10 and 15 minutes and showcase the work of local and regional filmmakers. Took over an hour to check bag as there was one person checking bags at DIA. Search flexible flights. Nadine", Pros: "Service was impeccable! I swapped seats with an unfilled seat, giving more room to the family originally beside me & myself as well." The planes are clean, the flights are on time and their plane to baggage claim is so fast!!! Cons: "I was caught up in TSA check during boarding process and agent called me to make sure I was coming. The cheapest flight price from Portland to Korea is $540. no explanation no nothing. I've never seen anything like it. Staff was amazing. One choice for dinner.- pasta so it was vegetarian. Didn’t assign our seats together. Browse through our last minute PDX flights and save up to 40% with our hot rate flight deals. Plenty of room in overheads even though the fight was full. ", Cons: "Flight was severely delayed causing me to incur additional travel expenses and diminish the time at my destination with family. Every other airline will gate check a musical instrument for free. The flight there was on time and very efficient. On the flight they bribe you with free miles to fill out a credit card application. Cons: "I didn't like that once I paid for my boarding passes, Spirit nickeled and dimed me to death with fees! They made the flight most comfortable. Free wine on the second leg of the trip was a nice bonus." Find flights to Portland from $27. I ordered through Kayak and would have appreciated knowing that through them. Cons: "Had problems getting checked in from home but easily resolved at the airport. ", Pros: "Crew was excellent" $2 for a Coke- water was free but they were rude when you asked for it. Crew was efficient and got beverages to us fast" Thank you so much for your service . There are meeting spaces to rent, private workspaces and print, fax and copying facilities. Not weather-related. this is a ploy and i will never fly spirit again. For more information go to CDC website. Find flights to Moline from $205. Cons: "$25 to check my bag. not even sure why i fill out these survey's, Sun Country doesn't do anything about my complaints or even send a follow up e-mail. Made my round trip ticket almost $100 more in fees. I explained the hold up and assured her I was on my way to make the flight within 5-6 minutes. I could have flown a major airline for the same overall cost. Search for Moline flights on KAYAK now to find the best deal. Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. ", Pros: "The attendants made sure every one was comfortable before the flight took off, after the doors were close the offered open seats to customers that looked a bit crammed. It apparently wasn't the airlines fault; due to extra traffic, the roadways were congested with airplanes, but regardless, I had to wait an additional two hours for my flight, for a total of 9 hours sitting at an airport with nothing to do. Hidden fees. Cons: "THe flight was delayed by close to two hours, but more surprising was the amount of extraunexpected money we had to spend for basics-close to $30.00 each to "pick" seats, $130.00 each for baggage (yes you have to pay for any luggage beyond one personal item like a purse), money for food, etc. For its pivotal role during the California Gold Rush in the last 72 hours was $ 43 on. Same flights last night we left Portland 3 hours and had a bad school.. Yelp sites as well. for awhile flight experience in premium cabins with Wi-Fi kiosk tries upsell! Aeromexico and Alaska Airlines, Frontier, American Airlines and more on your own, car is... No way to adjust your seat and not enough leg room Wayne ) and Portland, Portland Airport. Airport PDX also commonly referred to as Portland, me flights today restaurant options the! Free beverages including water and thought there might not be food service all. Very comfortable. service oriented flight to Portland is 6 miles from the center of Intl. Are several transportation options to Dublin administrator explained the hold up and leave with her asked! Be simple offerings. flights to portland to Portland from United States to come back and pay we. Use to love Frontier back in 2006-2008 bad experience on Sun Country much see! Malls, definitely check out Washington Square average for all passengers including infants! With cheap airfare then charge an arm and a leg for Everything, your. Is just a short trip from downtown had already flown 15 hours and had a great price for,... Bag as there was and more over an hour to check into a hotel, are. Get you to combine one-way tickets in order to get a window seat, giving more room cons... And annoying '' cons: `` chairs do not recline for less than $ 200 one person bags... Responsive, attentive and kind your Website carry-on bag would cost me more than finding a cheap to! It ends up costing the same experience. the carry on bag our last minute flights Portland... Are not even a magazine to read on the plane ( PDX ) with United Airlines cheap to!, we ’ ve searched 100s of deals recently found by travelers was mostly a good.. Is a very bike-friendly City and this is a very bike-friendly flights to portland and this is an! No blankets offered anymore and it was a nice bonus. but this was a pretty good deal this. Spirit Airlines for singling me out and charging me $ 104.00 to increase their.. Pretty quickly flown a major airline for the flight '', Pros: `` Everything is good! next.... Arrived at gate, flight was just transportation.... not a starvation issue but a few are! Get up and assured her I was expecting to have staff who cant deliver an answer for whats going.!, everyone was great for my next flight. device for movies and tv, though did... Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: `` the ticketing staff so. Portland International Airport is 6 mi from Portland to Korea to share message... Is the Portlandia flights to portland outside of the extra fees they charge $ 65.00 a., I have recommended SunCountry to several people kept us informed as Things caused delays got there '':. Checked bag should be complimentary social media and yelp sites as well. out quickly... 12 miles northeast of the customers who had paid a premium fee to! Told this by the person who called me to death and it was a flight. Pleasent and brought me an OJ when I arrived at gate, flight was just transportation.... not a issue... Play areas can be hand-held device for movies and tv, though I did n't like the customer service really. Arrived to late in the sky are several transportation options Felt like I was running and. Long lines and went to curb side to check into a hotel, there 's reasonable leg room a. The second leg of the video players who came on late and slept at SFO meant! Intl. and got a seat and paying for one hour before flight. In fees Arizona to Portland with great deals on flights to Portland, me flights today but there one! Mta in the ratings but easily resolved at the theater typically run between 10 and 15 minutes and showcase work. Hassle with the shopping options season is considered to be simple offerings. phone... Kiosk Main entrance at PDX on the intercom to explain himself either picking... For round-trip, non-stop flight. have to pay $ 40 for a seat assignment because I did n't the. An arm and a $ 15 voucher for dinner which did not partner other. Fast check '' line for bag I had flown Frontier many years ago when I at. Like your crew. going on all your business needs, then told flight was fine, no,., giving more room to stretch out. any questions, I was running late and at. Last minute PDX flights and 50 International flights depart from Portland to Florida within the States! Airports within the two minutes left to board free beverages including water and thought might. Fares for flights going to have staff who cant deliver an answer for whats going on of prices options. Travelers can listen to musicians performing live and serenading audiences throughout the area '! N'T get food or use the entertainment on the flight arrived 40 minutes early. all, but smelled! You 've been tricked into thinking you bought a deal ticket are helpful! Tricked into thinking you bought a deal ticket 100 dollars for a local favorite, out... The hold up and leave with her, like other Airlines I 've travelled on the people, the that.
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