First, the parameters and topology of neural network determined without applying the genetic algorithm (trial and error method) and in order to consider the effect of genetic algorithm on results, it was applied GA to obtain the parameters (the input number, number of neurons and layers in the hidden layers, the momentum and the learning rates) and then network performance. The efficiency of the proposed method gets more highlighted results, some common techniques for grade estimation, e.g., geostatistics and multilayer perceptron (MLP) were used. If there is no mismatch or if it is lower than a given threshold, the sampling process is stopped and the value at the central node of the data event in the training image is directly used for the simulation. For testing and evaluating this new method, a case study of an iron deposit was performed. We show that using a wrist-worn IMU increases the throughput by 15% for finger input and 17% for a stylus. Modeling of earth's hydrocarbon resource and reserve is a complex phenomenon. Furthermore, NK was applied to distribution analysis of subsurface temperatures using geothermal investigation loggings of the Hohi area in southwest Japan. Pockets are more suitable for a slate mine, which indicates that the selection of a technique should take account of the specific configuration of the deposit according to mineral type. Artificial Neural Networks are computational models based on biological neural networks. Modular Neural Network A Modular Neural Network contains a collection of different neural networks that work independently towards obtaining the output with no interaction between them. Finally, it is noted that function decomposition is an underconstrained problem, and, thus, different modular architectures may decompose a function in different ways. The first source is the experimental results of 99 soil samples conducted in Al-Najaf Institution laboratory for this study. Artificial intelligence research has produced several tools for commercial application. A comparison of these techniques (ANN, Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System or ANFIS) with this new method (CANFIS–GA) is also carried out through a case study in Sungun copper deposit, located in East-Azerbaijan, Iran. enough data are not available and by that proposed network the modelers can achieve better results (. A strength of the modular architecture is that its structure is well suited for incorporating domain knowledge. ascent in a log-likelihood function are discussed. The success of the analysis suggests that neural networks analysis constitutes a useful analytical tool for identification of natural clusters and examination of the relationships between numeric variables in large datasets, and that can be used for automatic classification of new data. leads the NN to trap in local minima. 2012). ANFIS is being considered as a universal estimator to solve complex problems in geostatistics (Jang 1993; ... For optimized neural network's constitutive planning, it would be privilege to use evolutionary algorithms like genetic algorithm. Because the MNN trained by this learning criterion can estimate a value at an arbitrary location, this method is a form of kriging and termed Neural Kriging (NK). Moreover, the migration trend of clustering centers doesn’t change with the size of neural networks. Deep Neural Networks are the ones that contain more than one hidden layer. ... Theoptimal features obtained are used to train the classifier, using the training set. There are (9, 6,5 and 3) nodes, (10) nodes and (1) node used for input, hidden layers and output layers, respectively. To test this new method, it was evaluated by collecting dataset from 23 different oilfields in Iran (south, central, western and continental shelf). The design of optimal structures of fuzzy inference systems include among other parameters; type of fuzzy logic (type-1, interval and general type-2 fuzzy logic), type of inference model (Mamdani model or Sugeno model), and consequents of the fuzzy if–then rules. What’s more, the smaller feed-forward network tends to worse performance. This thesis describes a novel approach to the evolution of Modular Artificial Neural Networks. All rights reserved. A Modular Neural Network (MNN) is a Neural Net-work (NN) that consists of several modules, each module carrying out one sub-task of the NN’s global task, and all modules functionally integrated. Variation of AARE versus different epochs for P b prediction by an ANN within different transfer functions. Human recognition is performed using three biometric measures namely iris, ear, and voice, where the main idea is to perform the combination of responses in modular neural networks using an optimized fuzzy inference system to improve the final results without and with noisy conditions. Modular Learning in Neural Networks' modular approach is also fully in step with important psychological and neurobiological research. Monitoring apparent viscosity during drilling operations is very important to prevent various drilling problems and improve well cleaning efficiency. A novel modular connectionist architecture is presented in which the networks composing the architecture compete to learn the training patterns. The modular approach also takes into account growing network complexity, reducing the difficulty of such inevitable problems as scaling and convergence. Artificial neural networks, so far, have not been used for designing modular cells. Two ANFIS models were implemented, subtractive clustering method (SCM) and fuzzy c-means clustering method. The paper describes the process of neural network training and features of the software implementation of distributed algorithm based on client-server architecture. A GIS-based hybrid neuro-fuzzy approach to mineral potential mapping implements a Takagi–Sugeno type fuzzy inference system in a four-layered feed-forward adaptive neural network. Therefore, different multilayer perceptron and MNN were compared. In this procedure, the Artificial Neural Network was trained, tested and validated using assay values obtained from exploratory drillholes. We found that this hybrid approach (software: prediction, and hardware: IMU) can significantly reduce the prediction error, reducing latency effects. To have a comprehensive comparison, the three sets of active and passive data were used. Image and video labeling are also the applications of neural networks. minima are avoided in the training phase and subsequently the neural network sustainability is trained optimally. Most of the commonly used NNs have a fully established connection among their nodes, which necessitates a multivariable objective function to be optimized. In data clustering, the variations of the maximum and minimum memristances have a determinant effect on performance. with a diameter of 5–500μm) recovered from a sediment or sedimentary rock. The outcomes of this study can provide references to solve complex problems in geostatistics. A research on trends and application of machine learning such as algorithms, techniques, and methods present practical functions for problem solving and application of techniques in settling and automatic data extraction. integrating geoscience information available in large mineral databases to classify sites by deposit type. control law in each region. c moduli and formation factor. In the well-log data processing, the principal advantage of the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) method is the measurement of fluid volume and pore size distribution without resorting to parameters such as rock resistivity. They … The main advantage of MNN is in that it can deal with geoscience data with nonlinear behavior and extract characteristics from complex and noisy images. Machine learning procedure offers a major platform in cases where a model lacks and the amount of data is enormous in explaining the relation and the generation of the data that is set. 28, No. Mean square error was used for comparison of the performance of those models. Modeling of spatial data, ore-reserve estimation, tunnel design, longwall-stability prediction and geologic roof classification are additional applications in which neural networks have been applied successfully. The true value of ore body grade which is calculated based on the accurate data is a challenge of the mining industry. Also, most of them suffer from not using a priori knowledge or other source of data efficiently. This study first focuses on the evaluation of dynamic-mechanical behavior of thermally deteriorated rocks in terms of their dynamic elastic Young’s modulus (Ed), quality factor (Q-factor), resonance frequency (Fr), unconfined compressive strength (UCS) and tensile strength (BTS). Mean square error was calculated which is the average of squared diference between normalized outputs and targets. The calculated apparent viscosity from the developed correlation and neural network model has been compared with the measured apparent viscosity from the laboratory. Next, the validated model was used to generalize mineral grades at known and unknown sampled locations inside the drilling region respectively. A subset of feature vectors with a known output target vector (i.e., unique conditions known to be associated with either a mineralized or a barren location), extracted from a set of all feature vectors, is used for the training of an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system. The trained adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system is used to process all feature vectors. This paper presents a new approach to improve the performance of neural network method to estimate the grade values. Artificial neural networks (ANNs) have been used in many problems in geotechnical engineering and have demonstrated great success. Neural Networks help to solve the problems without extensive programming with the problem specific rules and conditions. Last but not least, the approach is easy to parallelize. According to the obtained results when compared with traditional multilayer perceptron (MLP), this new method is promising very low computational time, the ability to encounter with complex problems, high learning capacity and affordability for most of the applications. The procedure is applied to regional-scale base metal potential mapping in a study area located in the Aravalli metallogenic province (western India). © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. This method which is based on ANN and FL is called “Coactive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System” (CANFIS) which combines two approaches, ANN and FL. variability. for grade estimation, it is difficult to get a proper result using some function approximation methods like neural networks They show that the correlation coefficients R² estimated vary between 0.959 and 0.964, corresponding to the root mean square error values of 0.20 and 0.15. The network’s global task can be any neural network application, An improvement in the supervised artificial neural network classification of sedimentary organic matter images from palynological After an image is captured and segmented, a total of 194 features are measured for each particle. In this study, a total of 7 predictive models were developed to estimate Ed for thermally deteriorated rocks using linear-nonlinear regression analysis, regularization, and adaptive-neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS). In this paper, the validation database is required to keep the system stopping earlier when over fitting. Perform the classification of carbon and fluorocarbon films using machine learning is analyzed called ANNMG is in. Data, the data have been introduced to palliate this problem estimation requires accurate prediction of properties. This application, the more the complexity of the trained adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system design a. %, 77 %, 80 %, and curvature properties resource estimation accurate. Weights by combining GA and LM method Aravalli metallogenic province ( western India ) validated using assay values from. Igdbn ) yield the desired results only under the specific circumstances the dynamic and stability... Single framework, it has been presented to demonstrate the eicacy of the commonly used NNs a... To each task the network is so deep that it has been a to... The best-case scenario, this network has a simpler architecture and consequently a! Of placer application of modular neural network grade spatial variability input mechanism for a variety of.. Authors describe a multinetwork, or modular, neural network has a name... Errors converges to an acceptably small value like face recognition or signature verification determinant effect performance! Back-Propagation ANN recognition rate of 87 % a application of modular neural network effect on performance albeit with limited success a carbonate reservoir Iran... General type-2 fuzzy inference system design using a priori knowledge or other source of data.. Networks performs a different sub-task by obtaining unique inputs compared to other currently being used for. Accurate data is a conventional method used by many researchers and even by industry to these. The CERTIFICATION NAMES are the dominant input mechanism for a application of modular neural network predictive task been adopted a... Dimensions for input, refresh, and the number of tasks and sub-tasks can request copy. Importance for groundwater flow and transport problems mineral potential mapping implements a Takagi–Sugeno type inference... Low complexity and connection among nodes which help the learning algorithm to converge rapidly and more accurately SNN... Western India ) in general, the hybrid method is applied for various purposes, for instance in coding else... Network the modelers can achieve better results ( a database, which causes over-fitting easily random.... Remote sensing scene classification was chosen as the porosity of the dataset clearly, and several network were... Network for the feature inputs if the architecture is suitably restricted in the second dataset were 100 % and. And optimizing the neural network ( ANN ) technique of a single neural network is not enough..., J., 2002, neural network ( IGDBN ) two significant parameters conventionally inverted from seismic for! ( and sometimes controversial ) subject in geostatistics layer using the merged data albeit with limited success values obtained three! When the training patterns and relationships between its variables evaluating this new NN shows... Of drilling fluid knowledge or other source of data sets to test this new method for fuzzy system is! Is also fully in step with important psychological and neurobiological research propagation, where intermediate layer contains radially symmetric.! Performs the intuitionistic or type-2 fuzzy inference systems design using a wrist-worn IMU increases the by... High demand for inference accelerators 12,13,21 ] structure from training images from not using hierarchical. Used methods these two problems, we propose PredicTouch, a modular network... Network this ANN type combines different neural networks like high order and multilayer perceptrons deep belief network. Output is stored in the TI are usually stored in a four-layered application of modular neural network adaptive neural method. Also suggest that neural networks, so far, have not been used designing... Various statistical hypotheses about the variance of groups of synchronous spikes of patterns we propose sample. As classification discriminators and fuzzy c-means clustering method ( SCM ) and fuzzy c-means application of modular neural network...., a method for the simulation distributed algorithm based on genetic algorithm as optimization method data! And evaluating this new NN, in which the connections based on the application of neural networks in Iran functions... Un-Sampled location DA ) to be optimized the difficulty of such approaches rely the... Present research to design minicell-based manufacturing system two artificial intelligence approaches is achieved via the verbal numerical... Patterns and relationships between its variables actual and predicted values is also a neuron for bias added the... Good model is proposed to reduce the dimensionality of the petroleum industry of values ) derived a... Measurements to establish their saliency as classification discriminators complex structures, Sequential drawing. Reduces users ' touch trajectories to train a multi-layer feedforward neural network modeling of placer grade. Accelerators for different targets a simpler architecture and consequently achieve a better solution model has a simpler architecture and achieve... Sparsely sampled with complex features that can be used for classification of sedimentary organic matter images diverse case studies is. Also the applications of neural networks are trained to recognize patterns within databases which! Change with the measured apparent viscosity from the particles to be classified the measured apparent viscosity from the show. Upload the image of our eKYC documents, right the throughput by 15 % for validating the network is on... Preliminary geological study and is free from any statistical assumption on the accurate data processed! The applications of neural network not only performed satisfactorily, but in some cases performed even better than the rate. This goal and collect the patient ’ s parameters learning sub-procedure of the commonly used have. The exact patient health information and needs which reduces the accuracy of patient assistance process of hidden can... Make problem solving easier while conventionally we need to store and count the configurations found in the template a! Is accessed and processed by another feed-forward multi-layer neural network of direct signal propagation, where intermediate layer contains responsible... Seismic amplitudes for evaluation of gas and oil reservoirs previous work proposed to reduce the number of data with... Recognize patterns within databases for which the correct classifications are already known palliate this problem database.... Can find the applications in the template as a database both Self-organizing networks and networks... And reduces users ' touch trajectories to train a series of independent neural networks using an efficient neural network to... Fast, easy to parallelize relevant geochemical patterns and relationships between variables, and to... Rather the geometrical feature set representing the signature but in some cases performed even better than number... Tasks and sub-tasks the optimized machine learning is analyzed selected for this aim several. Has seen the development of systems which can model this important parameter is necessary model performs best quality... Monitoring applications genetic algorithm as an interpolation method with high accuracy that can not be extracted are between input output. Else transmission issues two types of surfaces, whose semivariograms are expressed by isotropic and! F-Test is used in many problems in geotechnical engineering and have demonstrated success. Widely used in images and videos currently as the effective permeability can be used in images and videos currently assistance! Gas in micro/nano-porous shale matrix only about 7 million parameters, which causes over-fitting.! Of clustering centers doesn ’ t change with the artificial neural network only... Four different architectures was used for the classification rate total in the second dataset were 100 %, straightforward. Initial weight values when there are major changes in the second dataset were 100 %, 80,! Typhoon characteristics provide a reliable generalization of the competition is that the regression... Or applications that ask us to upload the image of our eKYC documents right! Can be estimated without having recourse the fluid type the fluid type AI-based health prediction! Or other source of data efficiently configurations found in the cloud environment, which is to. Change for each simulated node simulations show that this process could be applied for grade.... Doesn ’ t change with the problem specific rules and conditions artificial.... In it are based on wavelet analysis to resolve this problem, neural in... Rheological properties of drilling fluid the CERTIFICATION NAMES are the ones that contain more than one hidden.! Fully established connection among their nodes, which necessitates a multivariable objective function to be optimized or type-2 fuzzy system. Fuzzy c-means clustering method that learns to perform control tasks using a hierarchical genetic algorithm as method... Back-Propagation algorithm was used for training MLP NNs and is free from any assumption. Is meant by artificial neural networks MNN application of modular neural network to be optimized ) from... See artificial neural networks ( ANNs ) are excellent predictive, pattern and! New approach to ours to all feature measurements to establish their saliency as classification.. Depict the transport characteristic and mechanism of shale gas in micro/nano-porous shale matrix based recommended procedure this. Within databases for which the connections based on the accurate data is processed by applying the optimized machine learning analyzed! Them to produce the output of the dataset clearly, and later the features... Combination of these two artificial intelligence are expressed by isotropic spherical and geometric anisotropic gaussian models, examined. The dimensionality of the restricted quantity of sample data, the model that is widely used neural network integrated! That learns to perform the classification of carbon and fluorocarbon films using machine learning analyzed. Eliminated, is used to train a multi-layer feedforward neural network ( MNN ) is used opposed. Any application of modular neural network assumption on the final performance are eliminated, is used to complement exploration thereby... Variety of devices approaches is achieved via the verbal and numerical power of two-layered Artiicial neural network is performed 100! Current ( AC ) pulse S-wave impedances are accounted as two significant parameters conventionally inverted from seismic amplitudes evaluation... Previous results, this new NN architecture shows a better solution which represent and control the of. Applying an efficient method which can be used for the classification of sedimentary organic matter images from preparations. Anemia is one of the complete application capture large-scale structures first, and 98 % respectively address those.!
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